The Advantages of a Campervan

As you may have read elsewhere on our site; our first #VanCation was an alternative choice for us due to travel disruption from a volcano.  Once we holidayed in a Campervan we were hooked by the many advantages we felt:

1) Adventure. The freedom to go and stop wherever you choose, on or off the beaten track. Plan on the go and find places you never knew existed. Take your bikes, paddleboard & canoe. Set yourself free!

2) Flexibility. To change plans, follow the good weather if you like but know you’re well protected against the elements if you can’t, or pick up tips from other travellers on your journey. Be spontaneous, avoid the crowds and find your own hidden gems.

3) Getting back to nature. Watching the sun rise and set, counting the stars, listening to the bird song, swimming in a river, light a fire, enjoy a late-night chat with your crew, slay back in a hammock, sing a song and switch off your digital dependency.

4) Campervans are cool and not just to look at. Experiencing everything a #CamperVanCation has to offer really is one of the best life experiences out there & the best thing of all is every adventure’s a new memory to treasure forever.

5) Cost. This is obviously subjective case by case but for most people a holiday would include travel to an airport with parking or taxi fees. Time spent at the airport and premium prices to pass the time. Flights and transfers to accommodation and then the money you spend on meals and drinks in a premium holiday destination. In a campervan the journey is part of the experience & fun and the economical engines are far more environmentally friendly that your typical holiday and our campervan rental suitable for up to 4 people is significantly more cost effective than any typical low-cost accommodation.

6) In your bubble at every location. It’s a different word out there and everybody is safety conscious when it comes to being socially distanced. At the point of handover, we can ensure that every precaution has been made to ensure your campervan is completely safe & this is then your space for wherever you end up. Campsite remain incredibly social places with all now taking steps to be as safe as possible. But whatever your concerns you can rest in the knowledge that you have you own safe space at every location.