Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, have gained popularity among knife enthusiasts for their unique design and flipping capabilities. In this guide, we will explore the best butterfly knives available in the market and provide insights into their features and benefits.

Nabalis Marble

The Nabalis Marble is a special balisong trainer that offers an adjustable balance profile. It allows users to add, remove, and match different materials of small balls at the end of the handle with a ball magazine place. butterfly knife trainers provides a customizable flipping experience like no other. If you are looking to explore different balances in one product, don’t miss out on the Nabalis Marble!

Nabalis Vulp Butterfly Knife

The Nabalis Vulp is an excellent entry-level option for butterfly knife enthusiasts. Priced under $100, it offers all the features that flippers desire. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this balisong delivers both fun and ease of use for beginners. The positive feedback received from flippers has led to important improvements being implemented in mass production batches.

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Exploring Different Blade Styles

In addition to its functionality as a flipping tool or self-defense weapon (where legal), butterfly knives come in various blade styles catering to individual preferences. From tanto blades designed for piercing tasks to drop point blades ideal for everyday carry needs – there is something suitable for everyone.

Trainer Balisongs: Perfecting Your Skills

If you are new to butterfly knives or simply want to practice your flipping skills without the risk of injury, trainer balisongs are an excellent choice. These knives feature blunt blades or replaceable training blades that allow users to safely learn and master various flipping techniques.


When it comes to choosing the best butterfly knife, factors such as balance, design, blade style, and personal preference play a crucial role. The Nabalis Marble offers a customizable balance profile for those seeking a unique experience. On the other hand, the Nabalis Vulp provides an affordable entry-level option with exceptional features. Whether you are a seasoned flipper or just starting out on your butterfly knife journey, there is undoubtedly a perfect choice waiting for you in the market.